Cardboard Crafts for Kids

Fun for Parents to Build and Fun for Kids to Play With


Want more than an Indoor Playhouse?

About our crafts for kids

  • These projects are designed as Fun Kids Craft Projects for parents to build from cardboard
  • Perfect for Kids Crafts and Activities time or a First Grade Project
  • Fast and easy kids craft instructions are as fun to build they are to play with
  • Your time is precious, spend it having fun with your kids not wasted on the free how to sites
  • Each kit comes with a bunch of free printable paper projects like princess crowns, tiaras and jewels
  • Every design has 3 versions: Fast, Easy and Deluxe ranging from 1 to 5 hours of kids activity time

Every product is:


  • Your child’s safety is a primary consideration in every project
  • While you are using sharp objects we give you suggestions that keep your child busy and out of the area you are working



  • You can modify anything you want
  • Build the parts you want or add towers and rooms
  • Color it any color you choose

More info:

These instructions are designed to be a fast and fun family crafts that shows you how to build a Cardboard Castle, a Knights Costume or a catapult or Knights Costume entirely out of cardboard. Reusing old boxes makes it an environmentally friendly kid’s craft project. We show you how. 

These projects make a great preschool graduation idea and are perfect for kids crafts and activities time. The projects don’t just build a great indoor playhouse or kids game accessory, they help you build a relationship with your child. You will build an experience that teaches your child creativity and teaches you how to play kid games again.

The party package eBooks contain a whole theme set including a knight’s costume, throne and other accessories.