The Cardboard Cinderella’s Castle; Easy Version

Downloadable eBooks to Build a Cardboard Castle

3d Model of Cinderella’s Castle; Easy Model made from cardboard

Easy Cardboard Cinderella’s Castle

or build the free version
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  • Buy our Princess Party eBook and get all three versions. Including all printable paper projects and decals as well as a Cardboard Chair and Table set
  • Great for Preschool graduation or princess parties
  • Only $9.95
  • 100% Money back guarantee. If you don’t love it, we refund the entire purchase price

The Cardboard Cinderella’s Castle; Easy Version

  • Build a castle using step by step instructions with colors and drawings that make it fun
  • Perfect for a princess party or a preschool graduation idea
  • You can choose which parts to build, skip or modify

About Cinderella's Castle:

  • The Castle is just the right size for a 5 year-old
    • The courtyard is 30 x 33 inches
    • The main tower is 79 inches high
  • The eBook comes with the following bonus items
    • Queen Throne
    • Cardboard Chair and Table set
    • Queen Crown
    • Princess Cone Hat
    • Prince Crown
  • The simple instructions show you how to make each part and have fun doing it


  • Your child’s safety is a primary consideration in every project
  • While you are using sharp objects we give you suggestions that keep your child busy and out of the working area


  • 2.5 hour construction time for the easy version will provide you with balance of quality time and playtime


  • The instructions guide you through step by step
  • Color detailed drawings and traceable patterns guide you through the construction
  • See an example of our easy kids craft instructions


  • Your creativity is encouraged
  • Change anything you choose. Paint it, skip parts, or add anything

More info:

These instructions are designed to be a fast and fun family project that shows you how to build a cardboard princess castle. The Cinderella Castle is constructed entirely out of cardboard so it is a great environmentally friendly kids craft project.

Cinderella’s Castle makes a great preschool graduation idea. You can create a fantastic princess party theme with the included kings crown, queens crown and princess tiara pintables.

The princess party package also includes a throne and roundtable and chair instructions. 

The value found in these instructions is well worth the minimal cost. You will have fun building it, and if you don’t we will refund 100% of the purchase price.