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Fast Easy Instructions that are Fun for Parents to Build and Fun for Kids to Play With

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About our Party Kits

  • These projects are designed as Crafts for kids that parents help build from cardboard
  • Perfect for Kids Crafts and Activities time or First Grade Projects
  • Create a spectacular Graduation from Preschool Theme Party or Princess Party
  • Your time is precious spend it having fun with your kids
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you don’t love it, we will refund the entire purchase price

The Princess Party Kit Includes the Following:

Our Princess Party Theme Kit is:


  • Your child’s safety is a primary consideration in every project
  • While you are using sharp objects we give you suggestions that keep your child busy and out of the area you are working


  • The instructions guide you through step by step
  • See an example of our easy kids craft instructions


  • The Party Packages afford extra options because you can add parts from multiple products together to make your own creation
  • You can modify anything you want. Build the parts you want or add towers and rooms. Color it any color you choose

More info:

These instructions are designed to be a fast and fun family project that shows you how to build a princess party theme complete with indoor playhouses and printable paper projects. All parts are made of paper or cardboard so it is a great environmentally friendly kids craft project.

 The projects don’t just build a great indoor playhouse or kids game accessory, they help you build a relationship with your child. The creative experience teaches your child creativity and provides hundreds of kid games to play.

The Princess Party kit contains a whole theme set including a knight’s costume, throne and printable projects. Your time is precious, spend it having fun with your kids not wasted on the free how-to sites.