Simple Catapult

Downloadable Instructions on How to Make an Easy to Build Catapult from Cardboard

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An Easy to Build Catapult

  • The instructions are for an easy to build catapult from cardboard
  • This catapult is just the right size to launch water balloon, or use the included instructions to make a cannon ball from cardboard
  • 100% Money back guarantee. If you don’t love it, we refund the entire purchase price.

About the Simple Catapult

  • The simple catapult is set on a 45 degree angle for maximum range
  • The instructions show you how to make a catapult and have fun while you make it


  • Your child’s safety is a primary consideration in every project
  • The “cannon ball” is made entirely out of cardboard so it is lightweight and soft


  • 2 hour construction time for the entire project lets you get done and having fun


  • The instructions guide you through step by step
  • Color detailed drawings and traceable patterns guide you through the construction so you don’t have to read any catapult blue prints
  • See an example of our easy kids craft instructions


  • Your creativity is encouraged by giving you hints about what you can easily change
  • Change anything you choose. You can add a set of rubber bands or a bungee cord to make it shoot farther

More info:

These instructions are designed to be a fast, fun kids craft project that show you how to make an easy to build catapult. This simple catapult is constructed entirely out of cardboard so it is a great environmentally friendly kid’s craft project.

You will not only learn how to make a catapult, you will also help your child develop their imagination as well as develop spatial skills.

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See why our instructions are a better value than free sites. If you don’t love them we will refund the entire purchase price. Guaranteed